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What are Braces & Why Dr. Abraham?

Braces are one of the ways to straighten teeth at any age in Lasalle Ontario.

A metal or ceramic clear brace is temporarily glued to the tooth and connected with other teeth by a light, flexible wire to straighten them!Dr. Abraham’s training and experience allow families in Lasalle Ontario Canada to now have braces and Invisalign aligners.

What is the cost of braces in Lasalle ON?

Abraham Orthodontics is the most affordable way for you and your family from Amherstburg Ontario Canada to have the smile you deserve with braces. Therefore, we do monthly payment plans with no interest and no down payment. Ultimately, this makes us the most affordable orthodontist near you!

Type of Braces

Ceramic Braces

First, Ceramic braces are made of very strong materials and are very similar to metal braces. clear braces kingsville ontarioThe brackets are tooth colored and are nearly as strong as metal and can be used to treat nearly all of the same cases.

Therefore, ceramic braces in Lasalle Ontario are a solution for teens or adults who are looking for orthodontic solutions that blend in with the teeth, are esthetic and aren’t as visible as metal braces. Patients report less irritation of the gums when compared to metal braces.

Lastly, the ligatures (tiny rubber bands) that hold the arch wire on to the ceramic brackets are often white or clear, but can also be coloured (a new trend!) that enhances your unique sense of style, and doesn’t stain or change colour with time.

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What are other types of braces

Abraham Orthodontist Clinic

Orthodontist Serving Lasalle ON

Lasalle Ontario is nearby Abraham Orthodontics orthodontist office at 185 Erie St. S Unit 1 Leamington ON and is an easy drive on Highway 3 when you exit near a Monty Street N9J from Malden road past Laurier Parkway and the Vollmer to Seven Lakes Golfcourse N9H and St. Francis Drive. Drive past Essex Home Furnishings, formerly Jones Fine Furniture and drive towards Kingsville Ontario. Exit on Highway 77 to Erie St towards Lake Erie and we are across Highbury Canco formerly Heinz, we are an orthodontist near you!

Finally, Dr. Abraham of Abraham Orthodontics in Leamington, ON is excited to be the only orthodontic specialist offering Invisalign and only Platinum Provider in Leamington ON and nearby communities of Kingsville Ontario Invisalign, Essex ON and Harrow ON, Amherstburg ON and Tilbury ON and Wheatley ON and all of Chatham Kent ON! Call 519-398-8101 for braces, invisalign or orthodontics!