TOP 5 Q+A: Clear Braces!

Clear Braces

This month’s TOP5 Q+A is all about clear braces! Clear braces are made out of hard and strong ceramic (similar to most tooth-coloured dental crowns or caps). At Abraham Orthodontics, clear braces make are offered to all patients at no premium over metal. There are many questions we receive about clear braces, here are the most common!

1.       Are they Invisalign? Invisalign is not clear braces, but rather clear aligners. See our previous post for more information!

2.       We heard they are not as strong as the metal and stain? Clear braces have come a long way in their strength and durability where we predictably offer them whenever we would use metal braces. The braces do not change colour, similar to the porcelain or ceramic floors in your home. The coloured ties that are lighter in colour DO pick-up pigments and change colour over time. These is common with white coloured ties where they will look more yellow with time. These are changed at every visit and are not permanent.

3.       Can we do colours with them? Although we have the option to not place coloured ties, we LOVE colours with the clear braces. They shine brighter and look #AOMAZING with a clear background.

4.       Is there a premium or higher fee? Here is #TheDifference at Abraham Orthodontics: Although we offer custom payment plans, with no interest that are perfect for your budget, there is NO premium for clear braces or even Invisalign for you and your family and friends.

5.       Why are there still metal braces on the bottom? Because the material of the ceramic clear braces is harder than tooth structure, patients with a deeper bite are at risk for wearing down of the upper teeth edges if they rest on or near ceramic braces. We don’t want to damage beautiful teeth, so metal braces on the bottom with clear on the upper may be prescribed.

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