Q+A Blog Series: Your Top Invisalign Questions!

  1. When do I wear Invisalign and does it come off? The aligner trays should be worn 22hrs/day. It is removed to eat, drink or brush your teeth. If the aligners are not worn for the prescribed time, significant delays in treatment time can occur.
  2. What are the buttons? The temporary buttons are made out of similar materials used for a white filling and is bonded to the outside of the tooth. No drills, no needles. These help the aligners fit closer to the teeth and are typically used in most cases. They are removed at the end of treatment.
  3. I was told Invisalign will not work for my case, and does not work as well as braces? Invisalign, like braces, is a tool we use for orthodontics. The technology has significantly improved so that most cases can be treated with either option, depending on the experience of the provider. We are proud to be progressive in utilizing Invisalign as a true alternative to braces.
  4. What is it and how often are the visits? Invisalign uses clear aligners in sequence to move the teeth to their ideal position (which is set up on a 3D digital model by Dr. Abraham). Aligners are changed every 7-14 days, but appointments are approximately every 12-14 weeks.
  5. Is there an extra cost for Invisalign? No. At Abraham Orthodontics our treatment fee allows you to customize any treatment option, without a premium. We want you to be happy during this short journey and use what will be perfect for you.

Dr. Abraham is an orthodontist in Leamington ON, serving Invisalign Kingsville ON , Essex County and Invisalign in Chatham-Kent as a preferred Invisalign and Invisalign teen provider.

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