When do we recommend the first orthodontic exam at Abraham Orthodontics?

Downey Smile Center - Pediatric DentistryAs we approach the holiday season and construction of the office is in fully swing, we are grateful for such a positive response from the dental community and our future patients about the anticipation of the opening of Abraham Orthodontics in Leamington, ON. A common concern while talking to dentists, dental hygienists and parents of future patients is determining when is it appropriate to see an orthodontic specialist?

With the American Association of Orthodontists and Canadian Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Maxwell Abraham & Abraham Orthodontics recommend all children receive the first orthodontic exam by an orthodontic specialist by 7 years of age!

Most children at this age will not require treatment, however this early visit allows you to meet Dr. Abraham and the team, but more importantly allows us to examine the growth and development of the facial soft tissue, bony structure, and teeth. Sometimes, as the permanent teeth are erupting, there is a narrow window of time for specific problems, especially in the facial soft tissue and bone, that can be optimally treated at this age. If missed, this can potentially lead to more complex and invasive treatment after growth.  This interceptive or limited treatment can be important in keeping normal growth and allows better planning to achieve the best smile when the time is right for full orthodontic treatment.

These early visits, or “Growth Checks” will occur systematically yearly to ensure continuation of normal development and growth in your children. This allows us, as orthodontic specialists, to work with your family dentist and hygienist to ensure your child’s smile and teeth are in union with health, esthetics and function and will lead to optimal and efficient care in all aspects of dentistry!

We are excited to offer these initial examinations and a “Growth Check Club” complimentary to all of our patients, fulfilling our mission in providing evidence-based progressive, exceptional and affordable orthodontic care.

It is important for us to be able to educate our patients and families about some potential problems that require early intervention. Although most children will not require any treatment, understanding where and how things are developing allows a piece of mind and better planning for future orthodontic treatment.

Please read more about this initial exam and early treatment on our website.

From the American Association of Orthodontists

Why an Exam by 7 Years Old?

  • The posterior occlusion is established when the first molars erupt. At that time, one can evaluate the antero-posterior and transverse relationships of the occlusion, as well as discover any functional shifts or crossbites.
  •  Incisors have begun to erupt and problems can be detected such as crowding, habits, deep bites, open bites and some jaw discrepancies.
  •  For some, a timely evaluation will lead to significant treatment benefits; for others, the principal immediate benefit is a parent’s peace of mind. The AAO does not advocate comprehensive orthodontic treatment at age 7. However, interceptive treatment may be appropriate in the kinds of problems shown on the reverse. Final treatment decisions should be made among the parent, child’s dentist and orthodontist

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