TOP 5 Q+A: First Exam by 7 Years Old!

 As October and National Orthodontic Health Month nears, we commonly get asked why 7?!

Here is our TOP5!

Why Exams at 7 Years Old?

1.       We can correct growth problems with the upper jaw that are only treatable in this non-invasive way in a very narrow window of time during growth. After the age of approximately 10, underbites and one-side crossbites may not be fully corrected and may require surgery when older.

2.       Will they need braces now? Not necessarily. Usually appliances that fit around the back teeth and go over the roof or floor of the mouth are used at this age to aid in growth problems or in allowing the teeth to come in as naturally as possible. A second phase of treatment will occur when most of the permanent teeth are in to correct things like crowding, spaces, overbites, etc.

3.       Is it more expensive to have this Phase 1 treatment? No. #TheDifference at Abraham Orthodontics is that the full fee of Phase 1 is credited from the full fee of braces when they occur during Phase 2. This is very different than what is traditionally done. Dr. Abraham wants to ensure that the RIGHT thing (supported by the highest levels of evidence in research) is occurring at the RIGHT time. There is no premium for this.

4.       What if my child does not need anything? We have a free Growing Smiles program where we see growing every 6-12 months at no cost to continually evaluate their developing jaws and dentition to start treatment at the most opportune time.

5.       Do we need a referral? No. Families can schedule by calling 519-398-8101. It is important that all patients stay current with their family dentist as their general oral health is always a priority and we work with your family dentist to ensure we are in harmony with health, function and esthetics AND #AOMAZING.