TOP 5 Q+A: Diet VS Orthodontics!

This weeks TOP 5 is all about Nutrition and Orthodontics and is written by our #AOmazing team member, Christen!

She has posted some great blog posts about these common questions:

1.       What can I eat with braces? We review this will all of our patients when in braces or Invisalign. See the link to our post about which foods to eat and how to stay comfortable during the tough first week!

2.       I am worried that our child/teen will not be able to eat? How can I be sure they are getting the proper nutrition with the limitations? We have a great post about nutritional requirements for teens and for children to follow when deciding which foods to make.

3.       I get canker sores easily. With braces, how can I prevent this? Canker sores are never fun. Here are some great remedies to help avoid them, as well as be more comfortable if you have them

4.       Can I have pizza with my expander or tongue crib? The texture and chewiness of pizza makes it a big culprit in causing appliances like expanders and tongue cribs to become loose or fall out. We recommend cutting pizza up and chewing on the back teeth.

5.       Can I PLEASE eat with my Invisalign aligners? Definitely not. The aligners trap food against the teeth, creating the perfect mix for cavities. Like braces or any other appliance, we recommend eating your snacks with a meal. Cavities especially occur when there is a frequent increase in acidity in the mouth throughout the day (re: frequent snacking). Pairing up snacks with meals allow some rest times in between for the mouth to neutralize (milk and cheese can help!) the acidity to prevent permanent damage to the teeth by bacteria that are most active when there are carbs (breads, sugars) and acid together. Brushing after meals can aid in preventing this as well and ensuring no food is around braces, under aligners or on the inside of the teeth against the tongue.


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