Adult Orthodontics

We provide adult orthodontic treatment. We offer comprehensive treatment, specific solutions, such as correcting new changes to your youthful smile. We also offer treatment combined with orthognathic surgery for adults to obtain optimal esthetic and functional treatment in certain cases.

We are excited to offer customized solutions for you to meet your goals and enhance your orthodontic experience!

Is it too late?

It is never too late! A growing number of adults are questioning if they are candidates for orthodontics and the answer is a definitive yes; it is never too late to obtain the smile you dreamed of your whole life or to revive your youthful, confident, smile!

A beautiful smile is the first thing someone notices about you. Also, crooked, misaligned teeth are more difficult to take care of and keep clean. With straight teeth, a youthful, beautiful smile also can result in healthier teeth with reduced chances of gum loss and decay. Also when the jaw is misaligned, teeth do not line up properly and can result in advanced wear of the tooth surfaces eventually leading to possible restoration. Straight teeth reduce or eliminate many additional oral health risks.

One way in which adult orthodontics is different from children’s orthodontics is that unlike children, adult’s bones are not in a state of change. Because of this difference, there is slight increase in treatment time for the bones to shift. To counteract the increased treatment time, there are many advancements in orthodontic braces that result in reduced treatment time and are still esthetically pleasing.